Vegan Tote Bags and Purses

Profits from the sale of any product goes to ASPCA to help support the rescue of animals.  

To view my paintings please go to 

www.letagoldberg.com  and look at the top banner where it will say "gallery of  paintings"

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What do you need in a tote bag?It should accomadate the following:

Laptop, water bottle, earbuds smartphone, paper planner, pen, small writing tablet, lipstick/chapstick, breath mint or gum, touch up makeup, deodorant, small hairbrush, hand cream, medication, tampons, snacks, foldable flats, sunglasses, business cards, compact umbrella and e reader/magazine or book.

I design most of my totes for your convenience. That is 21 objects that you need to fit in your tote especially if you are going to work with it. It doesnt hurt that it can turn some heads as well.

Also if you are having a wedding or event or just need fabulous stationary click on this link to go to Susan Gildea Printing www.susangildea.com

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Why Choose Us?

In a world of commercial goods dreamed up by a marketing team, I felt I could lend some creativity to the basic things we use day to day. 

About This Business

Leta Goldberg

store owner

I am a local artist who lives to craft!!!! From handpainted plates and bookmarks to potholders and aprons.....dont forget amazing totes.

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